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I am Sonia Benages,
the Officiant of emotional and funny Wedding Ceremonies
from Barcelona to around the world

Mi name is:

and I am a show-woman:

I was born  1 9 8 9
and I am from

I love huevos fritos


At 8 I felt my vocation:

From then, my passion is to entertain you!
Singing, acting, presenting and hosting festival or events…
And always with loads of fun and humor!
Any artistic work to entertain adults and children!

At 2014, after 15 years of career and wonderful moments behind,
I found a big opportunity:

And that’s how I discovered one of my lovely passions:


Every love story has to be told with the deserved emotion. So I will tell how you are individually, the common objectives that you share together and your evolution as a couple.


And what is a love story without the most funny anecdotes? I was born with the sense of humor in my veins! So in a very lovely way I will explain how did you met and your happiest moments together.

What would we do without our family and lovely friends? I love surprises! I will include your most important people to thank them why they are so special and how much they mean to you.

Do you want everyone to remember your Wedding Ceremony as unique and exclusive? Trust in me!

Do you want your Wedding to be an unforgettable party? I have the secret. Enjoy it!

If you want me to officiate any event or celebration, tell me. I can not wait to know your idea!


You made it even more special!
You filled with joy, happiness, laughter and fun to each and every one of the people who came to our wedding. You made them get out of the chair and dance, you made them get excited with all of your words and they enjoyed dancing with you. And to filled our heart with light and emotion! You made us vibrate and you put our hearts in a fist, you made our wedding a unique and unforgettable moment! You are a wonderful professional and a great person! I recommend all couples who want a link full of emotion and joy and a different and special time, talk with Sonia, she puts all her heart and all her efforts to make every moment a magical moment. Thank you, with all my heart, thank you very much.

Elisabet Morcillo

What to say about you, Sonia...You moved us all doing a wonderful ceremony. People were
hallucinated because nobody expected something so beautiful, with those fun moments that you only know how to introduce in such an emotional moment. You made us laugh and cry because you are a whirlwind and you spread the people with your joy and self-confidence. Thank you for animating the dinner in that funny way, for singing during the gifts, for singing and dancing during the dance. Spectacular. You are a showman from head to toe. As you know we had run out of an officiant a month before our wedding, and thanks to that you were the person chosen, and you did not disappoint us. All the guests hallucinated with you, and they did not want you to leave. We will never forget many moments of the wedding thanks to you. I recommend 100% to Sonia.

Jordi Sanchez

Excellent master of ceremonies
Sonia is an amazing person who helped us make the leap from a normal wedding to an exceptional wedding. It's nice, friendly, energetic and never has a no for an answer. He helped us a lot with the organization of the last details of the day itself. For example, helping to coordinate that all the people were on time to catch the buses that went to the event. The ceremony was in Spanish and English (very important of having guests from outside Spain) and it was very original and personal, highlighting the most special moments of our relationship and in a comical and relaxed way. During the dinner, Sonia was singing, entertaining the
children and even winning a record by learning the names of all the guests (93 people) without failing to prove it. We are very satisfied with your services and we would recommend it at any time.

Sergio Gironella

The best decision of our wedding
Sonia is the best wedding officiant we have ever seen, said by the brides and by the 120 guests. We really wanted a beautiful event, exciting, fun, something out of the ordinary and that is exactly what Sonia got. Involved with the couple from the beginning, with full availability to contact her at any time and above all, something that is much appreciated, making things easier from the stress of the preparations to the final moment of the ceremony. Also in our case we were lucky that the mayor could also come to read the articles and the official signature and Sonia included it in the ceremony in a wonderful way, which we all appreciated, even the mayor. A small anecdote that I would like to mention is that at the moment before of the rings one of them was lost on the lawn (note for future couples: do not give the rings to the children even one minute before), but thanks to Sonia the ceremony went ahead without problems and made that moment very fun because in the end everyone started looking for it with a smile on their mouth... And it appeared! Without a doubt, I recommend Sonia 100%, I assure you that she will make this beautiful day something wonderful and unforgettable.

Karen Pérez
Hi! 🙋I am Sonia, nice to meet you 😊 How can I help you?