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Sheila Rodríguez
We were Sonia’s first couple and it was amazing to feel that she seemed to been worked her whole life officiating ceremonies. We can not be happier to have chosen her. Sonia is part of us, she shares love and make the most special day of your life one even more magical day. Sonia is magic, love, sweety, serenity, spontaneity, happiness and good vibes. But use Klineex because even those most serious people will succumb to her charms and will cry. She really enjoys what she does she is a professional from the feet to the head. We would not hesitate to marry her again, it was the best decision and we can not have more beautiful remembers. Thanks Sonia!

Marta Guillén
If you are planning to have the best ceremony of your life, Sonia Benages is the best choice without a doubt. Her personality, her professionalism, her feelings and sensitivity are not found anywhere else. She made our wedding very fun and sentimental, we cried and laughed and the guests were overwhelmed because she knows how to make everyone felt special. Undoubtedly we would hire her one and a thousand times. Oh! And if you want to entertaine the dinner, Sonia is the best cheerleader you can imagine. She made all the guests entertained and had a great time. Without a doubt, Sonia is absolutely the best!

Judith Gómez
Sonia is pure magic…She has become a friend. She did the ceremony we wanted, and she made everything perfect! Emotive, fun, surprising…She made everyone feel special and we and the guests were delighted. Before the ceremony she helped us a lot in a small setback that there was by the time. Actually our day would not have been the same without her. She knew how to capture what we are and transmit it to the whole world, we fit perfectly from the beginning. We are very grateful!

Cati Marín
For me, Sonia has become a friend. There have been wonderful months of teamwork, always with that vitality and optimism that she has. She has an impressive capacity to adapt to any situation with incredible professionalism. She has always been very close and she is already one more of the family. Sonia is more than extra recommended for her good working, vitality, dedication and love. I will count with her for future events. Thank you very much for everything Sonia. We love you!

Paula Guzmán
She is a very special person, you connect instantly with her, she share a very good energy and she has a beautiful voice. She is so sweet. One of the best decisions we make on our most special day was hire Sonia. She made a very personal and special ceremony. Absolutely perfect. She has become one of our friends. I would hire her again!

Alejandro Ruíz
Sonia made our wedding unique. Absolutely all the guests fell in love with her. If you want to leave a mark on your guests, do not hesitate to contact her. Our wedding without Sonia would not have been the same, we are so proud to have contacted her and see the result. We still receive WhatsApps from our friends and family to send kisses to Sonia.

Cristina Orri
“Absolutely amazing!”
We could not liked more such an important part of the wedding as is the ceremony. Sonia had our total confidence but she far exceeded our expectations. Everyone was delighted with the ceremony that Sonia officiated so different, emotional at the same time fun and totally personalized. Do not hesitate to hire her!

Tamara Rivera
Our wedding would not have been the same without her. It was a very wise decision, she was perfect for this day. She wanted to make a special and very emotional ceremony, and the guests felt in love with her for her fun and unique way to introduce our story and them. She even sang at the ceremony! It was spectacular. We will all remember that day thank to her. Sonia is a great professional and a great person!

Irene Ponce
Sonia’s work is not very known and little valued but undoubtley she gets the ceremony to be from normal to extraordinary. She get people to talk (even those who never talk in this kind of events). The ceremony it’s like a tour of your life and how your family and friends have lived your story next to you. They tell anecdotes and wonderful moments. Sonia worths everything that is earned. Our ceremony after a year is still remembered by all the guests. Thanks Sonia, having you in our wedding was one of the most wonderful presents we could ever have.

Eider Paredes
Having Sonia in our wedding is one of the most incredible experiences I will not forget in my life. Sonia did a very emotional and cheerful ceremony. Undoubtedly, she is the best office of ceremonies ever seen, all the family and friends were very happy. Sonia knows how to interact with everyone and make you feel special. 100% recommended!

Silvia Ramos
Sonia was our celebrant on our wedding day. She was very close with us from the first meeting. We meet several times before the wedding to specify details and to get to know each other better. We loved how she did it and our guests as well. The truth is that I would recommend it a thousand times over. Sonia for president!

Cristina de la Cruz
“The most emotional and fun ceremony”
We could not have chosen a better master of ceremony. He made us feel super-special, both us and everyone. All of our guests asked us about her, a beautiful personalized ceremony. Amazing Sonia. We would repeat a thousand times. Thank you.

Aida Vila
“The best investment”
We move by feelings and the chemistry with Sonia was amazing! She is funny, spontaneous, with magic and light, a lot of light, she can make a soccer field move. Sonia, we and our family and friends will always remember you! You are the best. Thanks for everything!

Montserrat Balañá
We would recommend Sonia 100%! She did an amazing ceremony loved by us and all of our guests! She mentioned all the details of our relationship, our family and our friends that we had told her the day we met. She personalized the entire ceremony for us. Sonia it’s a super 10!

Mireia Diaz
“Very close person”
Sonia is a very professional person, she helped me a lot with everything…She immediately got in touch with us and she say yes to everything. She made a wonderful and emotive ceremony and it seemed that she know us for all our lives. She also sang for us when cutting the cake…We are really delighted. Thanks Sonia for this magical day.

Alba Martínez
Sonia is a charmly girl, is fun, sentimental and so magic, with her blonde hair and those beautiful eyes and smile. She did a fun and entertaining ceremony with very sweet moments. Thank you very much Sonia!

Anna Mora
“Natural and emotive”
Sonia lives her work a lot and that makes the guests live it too. Their spontaneity made everyone cry and laugh alike. If it was already a special day, Sonia made it even more special. I would repeat without any doubt! Thank you very much Sonia!

Ainhoa Roca
“An amazing ceremony to remember!”
Sonia did a fun and emotional ceremony for us. We loved her way to get the best out of us and to include our family and friends in an original and fresh way. Excellent work!

Mar Flores
“Fantastic from the beginnig to end”
Sonia is very professional and very close. She entertained all the wedding, the people enjoyed it very much. She spent with us the weekend and was amazing, she was like another one of the family. We love you Sonia!

Pamela Cristóbal
Sonia is a wonderful woman, very professional and charming. She has won my total confidence and I would recommend it to everyone without hesitation. She adapted very well to what we wanted. It was perfect!

Laura Miguel

We wanted a different, emotional and fun wedding that would involve all our guests and Sonia made it happen. I met her officiating a friend’s wedding and I thought it was such a beautiful ceremony and I told myself: “the day I got married I will hire this girl (at that time I had no partner)”. In addition, I later knew that my friend’s wedding was the second wedding she officiated and that was 5 years ago. So I kept my promise and hired Sonia for my wedding. Once again, I was greatly surprised. She made a ceremony where everyone was crying at the same time she made us laugh like children. She didn’t stop taking surprises from her pocket and created an emotion that all the guests perceived. I definitely recommend Sonia at 2000%. You won’t regret it and your people will be amazed. Dear Sonia, you know I will never have words to thank you so much for so little. My grandmother has already adopted you as a granddaughter. Thank you and thank you very much, you are precious. Surely see you soon at another wedding. A huge kiss.

Alejandro Ruíz
“Simply incredible”
Sonia is the best wedding officiant you can have, whatever the scenario is! It is pure love, sensitivity, trust, laughter, joy, and endless adjectives. Sonia has gone from being the woman who married us to be our friend for everything possible. Without a doubt, we would hire her again and a thousand times more!

Ariadna Galindo
We enjoyed Sonia’s services as an officiant of our wedding and as an entertainer, and that it was better than I expected! In addition to helping at all times to prepare everything, Sonia helps to make everything easier and simple by taking care of everything. I would definitely recommend it and would hire her again and again. We love you, Sonia!

Iria Caballero
“Sonia can’t miss at your wedding!”
Sonia will make your wedding an unforgettable day. We hired her as an officiant and entertainer of all the wedding and all the guests fell in love with her. In the ceremony, Sonia laughed, surprised and made the event something very personal and very ours where we all felt identified. And during the party Sonia was always present, she made group choreographies, animating or even singing a song! Sonia’s ability is amazing, she gives you confidence creating a special bond with the couple. She always try to solve any doubt or problem that arises, both in the preparations and on the same day of the wedding with the intention that everything goes perfectly. It shows when a professional enjoys her work and delivers 100% and spreading the good vibes to all guests. Without a doubt, we recommend Sonia as an essential piece of your wedding. We love you, Soni!

Sandra Alegre
“We win a super friend!”
The ceremony was perfect, far exceeded our expectations. Sonia knows how to make us and the guests excited. There were laughter and tears and Sonia was present for anything we needed at any time, she goes out of her way for what she does and that is transmitted. Attentive to every detail, she made us feel special in our most important day as a couple. Choose Sonia was a success, we recommend her to all those who want to give a personal and emotional touch to your wedding day, she sure gets it!

Barbara Jiménez
Thanks to Sonia my wedding was more special than I had ever imagined. Sonia became so involved in preparing that all the guests thought she was one more of the family. She is creative, fun and spontaneous. The children fell in love with her and Sonia made them to be participants at all times. Sonia involves everyone so the guests felt very special. I totally recommend Sonia and I advise you to hire it for the whole ceremony, as an officiant and entertainer, you will not regret it!

Diana Lopez
“Unique and unforgettable ceremony”
Sonia is the best officiant we could choose. Her work is unique and she doesn’t do the “typical ceremony.” We planned our wedding from California, which was not easy, but Sonia, from the beginning, gave us great enthusiasm and relax. All our guests were delighted and surprised. It was a very intimate, cheerful and 100% unique ceremony. We would not change anything! It was the perfect ceremony! Thanks for everything Sonia.

Stefano Di Conza
I couldn’t be more grateful to Sonia for making the ceremony something so special, so personalized, and above all, fun! Absolutely all the guests commented on how entertaining their words were and that they will soon steal us Sonia for their own weddings. Sonia thousand thanks for everything. I hope to see you soon!

Antonella Palermo
“From Uruguay to Ibiza”
Sonia is the best! We are Uruguayan and Sonia officiated the ceremony of our wedding in Ibiza. It was exciting, fun, unique and unforgettable. Both the guests and José and I were delighted with Sonia. We will always remember with great affection the ceremony of our wedding.

Maria Guillen
“Laughter and love in equal parts”
Sonia is one of those people who have an overwhelming personality, endless energy and a gift of word. I met Sonia because a friend recommended it to me, thankfully. The first day we wrote her she told us to do a Skype and with two seconds talking to Sonia we realized that it had to be her. She made us fall in love with her, and we were not wrong. It has been brutal, our wedding was the whole weekend, and since Friday she gave everything. The ceremony was the perfect balance between jokes, and feeling. Sonia mentioned everyone, friends and family. At that time we already thought it had been perfect, but a day later we saw her thousand stories on Instagram, where she talks with our guests and we see those parts that as a couple sometimes you get lost. Incredible, unbeatable, Sonia is a crack!

Alba López
“Different and unique”
Sonia makes the ceremony emotional and fun, that mix that makes people get excited but also laughs and becomes enjoyable. Different from all, everyone asked us where we had got this girl, and the truth is that we can not be happier to have hired her, thanks to Sonia our ceremony has been different and special. Nothing to do with the other officiants. Sonia was always attentive and she delivered 100% with us both in the organization and on the wedding day.

Alba Gallifa
“Sonia is excellent!”
What to say about Sonia? We can not be happier with the choice because from the first moment she gave us super good vibes. Sonia is super sweet and she found a way to explain our story as if she had lived it herself. It puts a touch of humor and fun. Thanks Sonia, we would choose you 1001 more times.

Tobias Pernia
“The wedding of my dreams”
Sonia is a woman with a skill and a touch to be able to extract the essence of your relationship. With her subtlety, mischief and grace she officiates a ceremony where she touches the heart of each of the guests. She made us laugh, cry and it’s amazing to hear your love story from Sonia’s beautiful voice. Your family and friends will be delighted and you will want Sonia in your life forever.

Triana Maria
“We couldn’t have chosen a better one than Sonia!”
I have no words to describe it, Sonia has everything. She is involved in everything as if it were her own wedding. We took the pack with ceremony and entertainment and everyone congratulated us. She encouraged throughout the dinner, the people were delighted and the ceremony, wow! Almost 100% of the guests ended up excited. There were laughter and tears. Sonia is a beautiful person and I am clear that he will always be part of my life. You will not regret it if you choose it!

Noelia Casino
“Super Sonia!”
From minute zero let’s connect with Sonia. We are delighted and we will always remember it, it was a unique and special ceremony and we could not have found anyone better than Sonia. All my family and friends remember her for being so thoughtful and friendly with everyone and my children were happy to be able to contribute in the wedding their grain of sand. Thank you very much, Sonia, because you did our ceremony will be remembered with a lot of love.

Héctor Ibáñez
We gave to Sonia the confidence to officiate our wedding and entertain her up, she is a lovely and very careful person in everything, she was always waiting for the ceremony to be as we liked it if we could enjoy the day. Thank you so much Sonia!

Premios Bodas
Hi! 🙋I am Sonia, nice to meet you 😊 How can I help you?